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Tesla car tuning

Tesla tuning – is to change the exterior and interior of your electric vehicle to create an individual style that will make your vehicle stand out in the crowd and attract the attention of others with its refined uniqueness

Internal and external tuning

Tesla tuning has two goals: visual effect and convenience for the driver himself.
In this regard, there are two types of tuning: external and internal. More about that in detail.


This type includes everything that is done inside the interior of the electric car. This includes all kinds of mats, a unique steering wheel, tinting, retouching of seats, and original seat belts. Internal tuning pleases the driver’s eye, gives aesthetic pleasure, and provides maximum driving comfort.


In this case, everything is done to improve the design of a car. Drivers often prefer to upgrade their transport with the help of powerful body kits, cool rims, interesting drawings on doors, roof, car hood (it is called aerography), and changing rear-view mirrors.

This type of tuning also includes tinting (which has already been mentioned in the description of internal tuning). The thing is that window tinting is both aesthetic and practical. Due to it, there is no unnecessary light entering the cabin, so both the driver and passengers of the car feel most comfortable.

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TSK club – This is where you can buy parts for Tesla tuning, with which it is easy to transform an electric car and make it unique.

Carbon used in tuning is a carbon fiber and has excellent characteristics: high strength, low weight, and stiffness. Even though carbon fiber is stronger than steel, at the same time it is much lighter than steel. In addition to all the advantages, carbon looks nice and solid. Nowadays, as many years ago, tuning cars in general and tuning Tesla, in particular, is in great demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got question?

It depends on the specific car model you are interested in, as well as the charging method. Check out our catalogue for more information. 

Anyone interested in the automotive industry knows that prototype cars often have futuristic shapes. One of them is the Cybertruck model, which recently appeared on the streets of Manhattan. According to reports, it is ready for the production stage and is looking to gain a foothold in the US pickup market.

It all began in 2003 when Tesla company began working on the production of electric cars. Tesla cars began to appear on the market in 2008, when the presentation of Roadster took place. This model is currently no longer offered but can be purchased in the aftermarket. It is planned to release the second generation of this missile model. And it is no joke.

Electric and hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular in USA. Although the charging infrastructure for such vehicles is still in its infancy, the number of chargers is increasing.  Part of the electric cars are Tesla models, which boldly enter the car market.  Currently, you can buy 4 models on the USA market:

  • model S;
  • model 3;
  • model X.

A premium electric sedan that debuted on the market in 2012. Although users often complain about the incomplete fit of interior elements, the general assessment is that this is a car that provides a pleasant journey and excellent performance. The Model S comes in three different trims that include engine packages, each with standard interior Premium Upgrades. How much is the Tesla S?

Here is an overview of the units and value versions:

  • Long Range Plus – 652 km range and acceleration to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds.
  • Performance – range of 639 km, from 2.5 seconds to the first 100. The price of this Tesla model in our catalog
  • Plaid – a range of more than 840 km, a sensational 2.1 seconds to the first 100.

The price for this Tesla model in our catalog.

The cheapest of the models offered. Similar to the model S, it comes in 3 configurations:

  • Standard Range Plus – a range of 430 km and 5.6 seconds to the first 100.
  • Long Range – a range of 580 km and 4.4 seconds to the first 100.
  • Performance – a slightly shorter range of 567 km, but the best acceleration is 3.3 seconds to the first 100. The price of this Tesla model in our catalog

The price of Tesla Model 3 is in our catalog. In this model, the two most expensive versions of the car are offered with Premium equipment.

Tesla Model X

The crossover has been produced by the American company Tesla since 2016. Available in two variants:

  • Long Range Plus – range of 561 km and 4.6 seconds to the first 100.
  • Performance – a range of 548 km on one charge and 2.8 seconds to the first 100.

The price for this Tesla model in our catalog.

Sales of Tesla cars recently exceeded one million worldwide. Buyers trust this brand and you may find numerous reviews on the Internet.


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