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Expert diagnostics to maintain your Tesla's peak performance.

Battery Health Check

Thorough battery assessments for longevity and optimal performance.

Autopilot Calibration

Precision sensor calibration for safe and seamless Autopilot driving.

Brake System Inspection

Reliable brake performance using genuine Tesla parts.


Eco-friendly cleaning for a pristine driving environment.

Body Repair and Paint Services

Restore your Tesla's beauty with precision repairs.

Roadside Assistance

24/7 support for unexpected incidents, ensuring you drive with confidence.

Performance Upgrades

Boost speed and handling to match your style with our custom upgrades.


Tesla tuning & modification

We also offer:


Thanks to our many years of experience and specially trained staff, we are able to offer our customers the best service.

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In stock and under order Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y, Cybertruck, Plaid.

spare parts

A large number of original spare parts available

Modification Package

Carbon fiber
and fiber glass

Tesla Model S

Car customization for a specific owner, which is performed in non-factory conditions. To make the car more tailored to the needs of a particular owner. Tesla tuning – is to change the exterior and interior of your electric vehicle to create an individual style that will make your vehicle stand out in the crowd and attract the attention of others with its refined uniqueness.

Own production:

  • Production of tuning elements from fiberglass
  • Manufacturing tuning from carbon
  • Design to order
  • Recovery after an accident (tin)
  • Paint work (painting body parts in original colors)
  • Carrying out restyling work

Modification Package

Carbon fiber
and fiber glass

Tesla Model 3

Tesla tuning has two goals: visual effect and convenience for the driver himself. In this regard, there are two types of tuning: external and internal. More about that in detail.

Types of Tesla electric vehicle tuning Changes to the car can range from fitting aerodynamic body kits to headlights with illuminated rings and “eyelashes”. This applies to the exterior of the vehicle. But inside the vehicle, there are many interesting changes and improvements that can be made. In this regard, there are two types of tuning: external and internal. Read more about them.


About Us

Our company

TSK club – This is where you can buy parts for Tesla tuning, with which it is easy to transform an electric car and make it unique.

Carbon used in tuning is a carbon fiber and has excellent characteristics: high strength, low weight, and stiffness. Even though carbon fiber is stronger than steel, at the same time it is much lighter than steel. In addition to all the advantages, carbon looks nice and solid. Nowadays, as many years ago, tuning cars in general and tuning Tesla, in particular, is in great demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

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At TSK Repair LLC, we specialize in repairing Tesla cars after accidents or damage, guaranteeing a complete restoration of the car’s appearance, functionality, and safety. We also sell Tesla cars, original spare Tesla parts, and their high-quality analogs. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of tuning options for all Tesla models.

All repair and maintenance services are carried out by qualified technicians who have experience with Tesla cars for 3 years or more.

The easiest way to pay is in cash. We also accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Additionally, you can pay online. In this case, we will send you an invoice via email or SMS with detailed payment instructions and a link to the payment system page where you can pay for the order.

Our company uses only high-quality spare parts and equipment. Our technicians have the necessary knowledge and experience to perform all repairs and maintenance in compliance with Tesla standards. We constantly strive to grow and introduce new technologies, improve our service, and expand our selection of spare parts and tuning offerings.

We are Tesla-approved and have received numerous awards and certificates confirming our professionalism and quality. We have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certificate that proves our ability to deliver products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Our technicians hold CEVT and I-CAR certificates, to name just a few.

We offer discounts on routine maintenance along with major repairs. For clients who have been using our services for an extended period of time or have spent a certain amount on repairs, we offer priority scheduling, discounts on parts and labor, or customized service options. And finally, we have a referral discount policy. Contact us for details.

At TSK Repair LLC we specialize particularly in Tesla cars, their diagnostics, and all types of repair and maintenance. If your EV is not Tesla, give us a call, and we will tell you if we can help you with your specific EV.


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Tesla cars is a completely modern story

Anyone interested in the automotive industry knows that prototype cars often have futuristic shapes. One of them is the Cybertruck model, which recently appeared on the streets of Manhattan. According to reports, it is ready for the production stage and is looking to gain a foothold in the US pickup market.

It all began in 2003 when Tesla company began working on the production of electric cars. Tesla cars began to appear on the market in 2008, when the presentation of Roadster took place. This model is currently no longer offered but can be purchased in the aftermarket. It is planned to release the second generation of this missile model. And it is no joke.

How much does a Tesla cost and how much do you spend on charging it?

It depends on the specific car model you are interested in, as well as the charging method. Check out our catalogue for mo…


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